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[ttylinux] pathfinder

I made a new distribution. It is a slightly simpler ttylinux build
process with updated ttylinux packages. I don't make the effort to
upload it because now it is nothing more than an updated ttylinux,
and I'd rather update ttylinux and upload that, so this new thing
is yet nothing really new.

My plan is to make changes to this new distribution, incrementally
making it larger, and having it become more of an interactively usable
system; maybe something like Maurice's thing, or maybe like a Tiny
Core Linux. This also applies to the build process, but the build
system may become simpler in some ways. It probably should also apply
to package management.

Ideally this should replace that wacky blue dot linux I started.

So the first step is to make use of it by updating ttylinux to match
the updated packages, and maybe make use of some of the simpler build
process, and then make a ttylinux release.

The next step is to add udev and replace part of busybox with the
real programs. Some of this, like udev, I can then move into the
larger i686, x86_64 and PowerPC ttylinux.

Does anyone intensely dislike the name "ptylinux". The "tty" in
ttylinux originally meant TTY as in a hard-wired RS-232 serial
interface. As this new thing will not have PPP, at least not from
me, "pty" seems fitting more than "tty". And I already have the
domain names.

If you didn't know, this is the "in crowd". All seven of us. By the
way, has anyone noticed http://ttylinux.net ?