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Re: [ttylinux:7] [ttylinux] pathfinder

The name "ptylinux" sounds fine by me, but I wonder how this will
affect the future of ttylinux itself?

Does this mean you are giving up on the basic philosophy of ttylinux,
in favor of more bells and whistles? Or have you found the time and
resources to maintain two separate distributions?

I'm not trying to sound critical, I imagine there is a fine line between
staying true to the core ideals and still holding some level of freshness
and excitement. So I'm all in favor of branching out in new directions if
that's what it takes to keep things interesting.

For my 2c, one thing I'd like to see is a separation of the cross-tools and
the distribution itself. The cross-tools seem like they could become quite
useful as a general-purpose environment for cross compiling. And likewise,
ttylinux might even be built natively without them.

 - Jeff