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Re: [ttylinux:8] pathfinder

Jeff Pohlmeyer wrote:
> The name "ptylinux" sounds fine by me, but I wonder how this will
> affect the future of ttylinux itself?
> Does this mean you are giving up on the basic philosophy of ttylinux,

No, never, not at all.

> in favour of more bells and whistles? Or have you found the time and
> resources to maintain two separate distributions?

Yes, I guess I'm saying that, as I haven't been very active the
past few months. I need to stay away from reddit.com

> I'm not trying to sound critical, I imagine there is a fine line between
> staying true to the core ideals and still holding some level of freshness
> and excitement. So I'm all in favour of branching out in new directions if
> that's what it takes to keep things interesting.

I think there is more interest in a system somewhat larger than the
current ttylinux. But I want to not grow ttylinux very much at all.
So this is my compromise; make a ttylinux variant and grow it, taking
from it what really makes sense for ttylinux.

> For my 2c, one thing I'd like to see is a separation of the cross-tools and
> the distribution itself. The cross-tools seem like they could become quite
> useful as a general-purpose environment for cross compiling.

It already is quite separate. There is some superficial packaging
that might make cross-tools look like part of ttylinux. You can copy
or move the cross-tools directory somewhere else and quite easily use
it for other things. But, yes, ttylinux is quite dependent on it;
maybe that should be more decoupled.

 And likewise,
> ttylinux might even be built natively without them.
>  - Jeff