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New Years First Post

Some things that might or might not be interesting:

ttylinux cross-tools:
Immediately after the last release on December 27 I started ripping
apart the ttylinux cross-tool build system. I renamed it to xbuildtool
(cross build tool), moved it out of the ttylinux source directory,
added uClibc-0.9.31 as an option to the two glibc versions, and made
it much more flexible, meaning difficult, to use. It has a makefile
for making it easy to make ttylinux cross-development tool chains, but
it has a configuration file that makes easier building of
arbitrary(ish) tool chains.

mini-mipsel ttylinux:
***** If someone knows how to run a non-Malta Linux kernel in qemu-
system-mipsel, HELP!
I used the new uClibc ability to make a uClibc mips cross-development
tool chain, and then tried to make a really small ttylinux for the
Mikrotik RB532, a small mips 4kc board with 32 MB RAM and 8 MB flash.
I only have qemu, and I couldn't get a Linux kernel to run under qemu
unless the kernel configuration selection for Machine Type is Malta.
So I had to switch the kernel from RB532 to Malta and some of the
RB532 configuration went away. Bummer. The packages are built with
CFLAGS="-march=4kc -mtune=4kc -Os" anyway. It has a 1.6 MB vmlinuz and
a 4 MB RAM disk file system. The result is my best go at a small mips
4kc system, for now:

     # df -h
     Filesystem     Size     Used     Available     Use%     Mounted
     /dev/root        3.9M     3.3M        614.0K      85%       /
     tmpfs             24.0K          0          24.0K
0%         /dev/shm

     # cat /proc/
     MemTotal:     23096 kB
     MemFree:     14056 kB