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Re: [ttylinux:32] What do I need to modify to make iptables (1.4.10) work?

pablo wrote:
> First of all, I discovered ttylinux a week ago and I am totally
> impressed...it's a precious, practical and functional minimalistic
> distro... I LOVE IT already!
> THANK YOU so much for creating it and making it available.

Thank you for using it.

> All works perfectly well, except for one thing. I have upgraded the
> kernel to (which is the one I currently use for all my other
> linux installs), and iptables to 1.4.10 (which is also what I am using
> elsewhere), and have also replaced the original ttylinux firewall with
> a custom one (used on all my other systems, which are slackware-
> based).

I assume you did this in the ttylinux cross-build
environment, yes?

> Now.... this is the same exact combination of kernel, modules,
> iptables executable and firewall script that works perfectly
> everywhere else.
> With ttylinux (ver. i686-12.3), apparently modprobe has a problem with
> reading three modules:
> iptable_filter, iptable_mangle and iptable_nat, and finds them to be
> faulty.
> The firewall starts normally and the error message is:
> "/sbin/iptables: iptables v1.4.10: can't initialize iptables table
> 'filter'" iptables who? (do you need to insmod?) Perhaps iptables or
> your kernel needs to be upgraded"
> [...and the same goes for iptable_mangle and iptable_nat]
> When I modprobe each of those modules, I get:
> "error inserting iptable_x: unknown symbol in module or unknown
> parameter (see dmesg)"
> In the dmesg log, I find:
> "iptable_filter: Unknown symbol ipt_alloc_initial_table (err 0)"
> [...and other similar error messages]
> Again, this is the same combination of kernel, modules, iptables
> executable and firewall script which work perfectly well elsewhere, so
> the only variable here is something within ttylinux causing this.
> I've tried replacing the module programs (modprobe, depmod, etc.) with
> the ones from my main slackware install, but the result is exactly the
> same.
> What could be causing this?  Thank you for your help.

I'm guessing here: ttylinux glibc is still built against
linux- header files, and that defines the user space
interface to the kernel. I don't know this would cause a
kernel module problem, but it could cause a problem for
the user space iptables. Is it possible that is the root
cause of the errors?

Also, you are completely sure the kernel configuration
files were the same between the system that worked and
the one that didn't?

The best fix would be to update the kernel version in
the cross-tools and rebuild the cross tool chain, and
then use that to build the updated linux+iptables
ttylinux. I can help guide you through a Linux version
update of the cross-tools via email, forum or group.