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Preliminary PPC Release

For anyone interested:

Integration 01 version 12.4 of ttylinux for Macintosh is available.

This release is the first step in merging ptylinux into ttylinux.
ttylinux has architecture variants, and now I've formalized its four
size variants: mu (smallest), em (small), ut (medium) and ws (big).
What was ptylinux now is ws ttylinux, and that is what this prerelease

This prerelease is notable:
=> it is big, running in a 64 MB RAM disk
=> it has the ALSA system and frame buffers from ptylinux
=> built from a re-engineered cross-tool builder, now called
=> built with a reorganized ttylinux build system (no pkg-bld
=> has binutils-2.20, make-3.82, gcc-4.4.4
=> used itself to make its own vim-7.3 package