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Re: [ttylinux:43] Re: ttylinux , qemu and eth0

catafest wrote:
> Bad SWSTYLE=0x04

I had to think about this for a few minutes. I was
wondering: what does he mean?

Maybe he thinks ttylinux has bad software style and
gives it a rank of 4. Is that a bad rank?

Then I thought: maybe its an error he gets and he
is asking what it means... But why not use more
words? I mean, he must be accustomed to using words,
so maybe he can't. Maybe he fell over and can't get
up. If that's the case, should I answer? Would it

I asked my wife what to do and she just looked it
up with google and didn't really see anything
other than some sort of error related to network
device usage in qemu. More than that, I really
don't know.