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Re: ttylinux , qemu and eth0

When all else fails, grep the source...

I did just that, on qemu-0.13.0, found the mnemonic "SWSTYLE" in the
file pcnet.c, which appears to be the qemu PC-Net II (Am79C970A)
ethernet NIC emulator.  Indeed, the last reference found is in the
printf that produces the message in question.  Apparently, a value of
4 is not good...

Notice this is a top-post.  This is how I do these things, really as a
matter of courtesy.  If you don't like my response, you can figure
that out much more quickly than if you had to scroll to the bottom to
see it.  :D

catafest, with respect to your inability to find the repo host, I
suggest you inspect your /etc/resolv.conf, make sure the line
'nameserver' is contained therein.  I don't think qemu's dhcp
server is responding to all the options needed to establish a full
internet connection.


On Jan 28, 7:11 pm, Jeff Pohlmeyer <[email protected]> wrote:
> Douglas wrote:
> > catafest wrote:
> >> Bad SWSTYLE=0x04
> > I had to think about this for a few minutes. I was
> > wondering: what does he mean?
> SWSTYLE: Senseless Writing Sitting Top Your Last Email
> (Also known as "top-posting")
> http://www.vranx.de/mail/tofu.html
>  - Jeff