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Re: [ttylinux:52] Re: kickstart

ggbutcher wrote:
> I vote for all aspects of network interfaces; that's what I deal with
> most in my qemu images.

Right now that is eth[0-4].

> language and keyboard would probably be important for those not
> covered under the defaults...

Someday ttylinux variant(s) may have this capability...

> Now, how would you deploy such a file?  I can see two alternatives: 1)
> next to filesys.gz in the .iso (I put stuff in the iso by unpacking it,
> adding the stuff in the unpacked directory structure, then reassembling
> with mkisofs); 2) from a known tftp or bootp server (?)

The file wouldn't be deployed; it is user-generated.

I would put a sample, usable for default values,
in /etc or maybe in /usr/share/ttylinux

The idea is that:

=> ttylinux-installer would use this file, the
   provided default or a user-provided file, if
   so specified on the ttylinux-installer command
   line, providing a more complete set of
   installation options

=> a boot option like "aicfg=<URL>" would be
   detected at the end of the boot process; the
   file gets retrieved and ttylinux-installer
   is run using the retrieved configuration file,
   providing a mechanism to boot and install
   from the ISO without ever logging in

   <URL> ideas, some maybe not feasible:
   http://<host>/<file path> ..... via wget
   ftp://<host>/<file path> ...... via wget
   tftp://<host>/<file path> ..... via tftp client
   file://<file path> ............ somewhere in root file system
   dev://<device node>/<file path>