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Re: [ttylinux:65] Re: ftp client ?

ggbutcher wrote:
> On Mar 18, 3:39 am, п·б╘Б∙╚п·б╘Б∙╚п·б╘Б∙╚п·б╘Б∙╚п·б╘Б∙╚п·б╘Б∙╚ п·б╘Б∙╚п·б╘Б∙╚п·б╘Б∙╚п·б╘Б∙╚п·б╘Б∙╚п·б╘Б∙╚п·б╘Б∙╚ <[email protected]> wrote:
>> What ftp client  used in ttylinux ?
> ftpput and ftpget are in the ttylinux busybox executable.  wget is
> there too.  Go do a ls in /usr/bin
> I've also used (and prefer) scp, installed as part of dropbear.

This would've been my answer if I was earlier.

The ftp and telnet clients are intentionally
left out; hopefully the above described programs
will be sufficient.