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Small virtual appliance based on ttylinux

I currently try to build very small virtual appliance (memcached,
lighttpd) based on tty-linux. Work's very well and my image is
currently around 50MB in size and boots up in VirtualBox in

But even if it's good it can be even better ;) So here are some
sugestions for furture ttylinux versions.

I would like to see a ttylinux core with a kernel build especially for
use in headless virtual machines like EC2, VMWare, VirtualBox, KVM,

The kernel should be stripped down for those virtual environments,for
example I not need any sound specific driver support on virtual
appliance, as graphic card only a VGA/VESA is need, no mouse-support,
no usb support, ....

The main requirment is small appliance image and fast boot up time in
a virtual server environment.