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Re: [ttylinux:80] Re: Small virtual appliance based on ttylinux

> On Apr 14, 11:16 pm, Stefc <[email protected]> wrote:
>> I currently try to build very small virtual appliance (memcached,
>> lighttpd) based on ttylinux. Work's very well and my image is
>> currently around 50MB in size and boots up in VirtualBox in
>> 20seconds.
>> But even if it's good it can be even better ;) So here are some
>> suggestions for future ttylinux versions.
>> I would like to see a ttylinux core with a kernel build especially for
>> use in headless virtual machines like EC2, VMWare, VirtualBox, KVM,
>> etc.
>> The kernel should be stripped down for those virtual environments,for
>> example I not need any sound specific driver support on virtual
>> appliance, as graphic card only a VGA/VESA is need, no mouse-support,
>> no usb support, ....
>> The main requirement is small appliance image and fast boot up time in
>> a virtual server environment.
>> stefc

ggbutcher wrote:
> You might consider downloading the build package.  You can then
> configure the kernel the way you want, and end up with a
> bootable .iso  It takes a bit of effort to understand, but the
> scripts are very solid in behaviour.

I think all that would be needed is a Linux kernel config file
and a (shorter) ttylinux package list file for the particular
ttylinux variant which I presume to be either i486, i686 or

If someone, or several someones, make an appropriate
kernel config file for me and gives me the list of needed packages,
preferable not more than already exists, AND does the testing of
the interim binary, then I will put it together in the source
distribution (in some strange way) and make the binary release
whenever it works right.

-- Douglas Jerome