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Re: [ttylinux:82] Digest for [email protected] - 1 Message in 1 Topic

Well I was trying to build a similar ISO, I partially succeeded doing so on ttylinux-11.1. I don't have the tool-chain setup hence don't have access to  kernel config. However here are the things that I observed (?needed) in context with ttylinux VM running under VMware:
1. Fusion MPT SCSI drivers (LSI Logic Parallel / SAS)
2. E1000 driver for network card support

I really wanted VMware tools installed with 'vmware para-virtual SCSI' and 'vmxnet3' drivers, however I was not able to patch/integrate the tools with the Kernel source. Another important thing to have would be add the the other vmware static libs so that the IP address can be found out without logging into the VM.

-- Shekhar