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build system failure (first try)


I am trying to build ttylinux with the build system and i have the following problem.

The xbuildtool phase is OK and i have this message :
i486-generic-linux-gnu cross-tool is complete.

Then, after doing "make dload" i try this command (as root) :
make dist

and this is the error message i get :

[email protected]:~/ttylinux-src-mp8# make dist
Remove the built items.
./ttylinux-config.sh: 199: [[: not found

site pre clean

=> Removing file system image, boot CD image, SDCard image.
=> Removing boot CD-ROM, SD Card staging areas.
=> Removing kernel and module tree, if any.
=> Removing kernel modules package, if any.
=> Removing the packages:
   -> Removing build-root/ contents.
   -> Removing pkg-bin/ binary packages.
   -> Removing var/log/ build logs.
make: *** [clean] Erreur 1

I have changed nothing in "ttylinux-config.sh" so it should not be a corrupted file problem.
Does someone have an idea ?

Bests regards, Olivier Goudron

Olivier Goudron, Formateur et Ingénieur système Linux.
Téléphone : 09 72 26 34 75
Email : [email protected]
Site Web : http://goudron.fr