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Re: No log for kernel build failure.

Nope, since everything seems to be continuously cleaned I had to
remove the redirect in the script that was sending the output to a log
that was not persistent after the failure. After removing the
redirect, I was presented with some questions which probably are new
and don't match a configuration you saved away. Once I answered the
questions interactively the kernel build was successfull.  Not pretty
but at least I can build.

Two questions. I need to modify a few things and can't figure out yet
where they are buried.

1. Want to change ( eth0 ) to be a fixed address but even if I loop
mount the IMG file and make my changes to be DHCP=NO the nic allways
starts as DHCP when I boot the ISO.

2. Why does everything start from scratch, can't ( gnu make ) pickup a
change say to one thing and only build a single time unless you clean.
It seems this learning process is a continuous start from scratch
everytime you make even a simple change.


On Dec 14, 7:03 pm, Douglas Jerome <[email protected]> wrote:
> BruceFerjulian wrote:
> > Missing is some useful information on why the build failed.
> > x86_64 linux- ...... g.b.Kernel FAILED.
> > make: *** [kernel] Error 1
> > The kernel is not built.
> > make: *** [var/run/kernel] Error 1
> > This is it, no logfile, nothing. Where would one start?
> Did you look for a log file in var/log ?