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Re: [ttylinux:135] Re: UEFI support in ttylinux?

Plamen Doykov wrote:

[snipped stuff]

> By the way, this is a strange procedure to download the components as
> part of the build.
> Why not having them in the tarball? I had to fix 5 broken links before
> being able to start the real build.
> Regards,
> Plamen

One reason is the storage space and bandwidth at
the website www.minimalinux.org AKA ttylinux.org
is really slow, and the storage and bandwidth at
ttylinux.net costs me money.

The other reason is I don't like hosting unchanged
source packages; broken links only happen with a
network problem or when a source package version is
no longer available and in that case the build
script(s) needs to be checked and fixed for
the new version.