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[RFC]download http://www.ttylinux.org/Test/ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2

Hello list,

1, I want  to download the
http://www.ttylinux.org/Test/ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2 but i can not
    get the file. It shows 'Not Found'. So how can i get the
ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2 now.

2, I wanna know the meaning of 'mp' characters in
"ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2". Can anyone
    tell me? Thanks in advance.

3,  Now, we get the ttylinux-src-mp9.tar.bz2 but i am not sure if we
can get results via the
     methods http://www.ioncannon.net/system-administration/1310/minimal_ec2_linux_install_using_ttylinux/
     Maybe someone can tell me the corrent way for
ttylinux-src-mp9.tar.bz2 to get a micro linux image.

Harry Wei