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Re: [ttylinux:146] [RFC]download http://www.ttylinux.org/Test/ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2

See my comments below, in you original email text.

harryxiyou wrote:
> Hello list,
> 1, I want  to download the
> http://www.ttylinux.org/Test/ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2 but i can not
>     get the file. It shows 'Not Found'. So how can i get the
> ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2 now.

ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2 is old; it is not available. Also, you
should not get anything from a *Test* folder (look in the URL
you wrote in the above text) unless I've emailed the link to you
or the group, otherwise you probably will not get what you expect.

> 2, I wanna know the meaning of 'mp' characters in
> "ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2". Can anyone
>     tell me? Thanks in advance.

Historically, there was ttylinux only for the x86 PC architecture
and the naming convention was to use the glibc version as part of
the ttylinux version number. I added ttylinux distributions for
other architectures, such as Macintosh PowerPC, BeagleBoard armv7,
etc. and also several sizes for the same architecture, some having
glibc versions different from others. The naming convention broke
for the so-called "source" distribution that is actually the build
system for all architecture variants. I changed the naming convention
for the "source" distribution to a simple number, increasing with
each release, and also tagged it with "mp" for *M*ultiple *P*latform.
Notice that "source" is not a good name for this as it has no
source code packages; it actually is the build system, not source

> 3,  Now, we get the ttylinux-src-mp9.tar.bz2 but i am not sure if we
> can get results via the
>      methods http://www.ioncannon.net/system-administration/1310/minimal_ec2_linux_install_using_ttylinux/
>      Maybe someone can tell me the corrent way for
> ttylinux-src-mp9.tar.bz2 to get a micro linux image.

No, those instructions do not literally apply to