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Re: [ttylinux:147] [RFC]download http://www.ttylinux.org/Test/ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 9:35 AM, Douglas Jerome <[email protected]> wrote:
> See my comments below, in you original email text.

Thanks for your comments,  please see some other questions below :-)

> ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2 is old; it is not available. Also, you
> should not get anything from a *Test* folder (look in the URL
> you wrote in the above text) unless I've emailed the link to you
> or the group, otherwise you probably will not get what you expect.
Hmm..., you are right. Actually i see the article here
for building a micro linux image. But i can not get the ttylinux-src-mp3.tar.bz2
showed in it.

> Historically, there was ttylinux only for the x86 PC architecture
> and the naming convention was to use the glibc version as part of
> the ttylinux version number. I added ttylinux distributions for
> other architectures, such as Macintosh PowerPC, BeagleBoard armv7,
> etc. and also several sizes for the same architecture, some having
> glibc versions different from others. The naming convention broke
> for the so-called "source" distribution that is actually the build
> system for all architecture variants. I changed the naming convention
> for the "source" distribution to a simple number, increasing with
> each release, and also tagged it with "mp" for *M*ultiple *P*latform.
> Notice that "source" is not a good name for this as it has no
> source code packages; it actually is the build system, not source
> packages.

Thanks for your work. I have known the meaning of 'mp'. I also wanna
get the meaning of ttylinux. 'tty' may not only represent the word 'tiny'.
Cloud you tell me the exact meaning.

> No, those instructions do not literally apply to
> tylinux-src-mp9.tar.bz2

Ok. But do you have any other articles, which is for ttylinux-src-mp9.tar.bz2
to create a micro linux.

Thanks for your help
Harry Wei