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[Ttylinux]How to build ttylinux

Hi Douhlas,

I download the source code 'ttylinux-src-mp9.tar.bz2' and build the
ttylinux image according to
the file 'How_To_Build_ttylinux.txt' in the source code package.
Actually, i can not get the
image from the steps descriped in 'How_To_Build_ttylinux.txt'. Cloud
you please tell me the
mistake i take. Following are the steps i did.

1, Get the source code 'ttylinux-src-mp9.tar.bz2' from our URI

2, Decompress the srouce code package.
    # tar xvf ttylinux-src-mp9.tar.bz2

3,  Now we can see two directories, which are ttylinux-src-mp9 and
     One is for cross-platform tools, the other one is for ttylinux source code.
     Compiling the cross-platform tools should do these commands. But
the command
     'make help' is most important, which tells us the exact steps for
how to build your
    # cd xbuildtool-0.2/
    # make help
    # make setup
    # make x86_64-2.13-gnu
    After this step i can see a directory created in the
../xbuildtool-0.2 dir. It looks
    like this 'cross-tools-2.13-'. This dir includes another
dir 'x86_64-generic-linux-gnu'.
    Up to this step, i think we have established the crossplatform
chain tools. Maybe i am
    warong but all the procedures are done in the light of command 'make help'.

4,  Change dir into 'ttylinux-src-mp9' and compile source codes for
our ttylinux image on the
     basis of file 'How_To_Build_ttylinux.txt'.
     # make dload
    Download ttylinux source packages.
    /root/workshop1/ttylinux-src-mp9/scripts/_functions.sh: line 120:
TTYLINUX_VERSION: unbound variable
    make: *** [dload] error 1

How to resolve this problem? And i write the rest stuffs, which you
can give me some suggestions.

5,   Configure the file 'ttylinux-config.sh' to yours.

6,    # make dist
       # make PACKAGE=bash-4.1 bash-4.1
       #  ./ttylinux-chroot.sh

Ok, maybe it goes well. But i am not sure if i am right. I was
interrupted in the step 4. Douglas, please
give me some advice. Thanks for your great jobs ;-)

Harry Wei