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Re: [ttylinux]Compile ttylinux fsys

On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 1:01 AM, harryxiyou <[email protected]> wrote:

Sorry, I forget sending one to out ttylinux group

> Hi Douglas,
> I wanna get a file-system via our ttylinux, which i don't want to
> install gcc and glibc, alsa,
> make, lilo, ppp, retawq. When i run command 'make pkgs', it should not
> install up packages
> i don't want. Then i run command 'make fsys' to get a file-system. To
> remove these packages,
> i should modify some shell scripts, like bld-packages.sh and
> bld-packages.sh, bld-packages-1.sh.
> But i am not sure what should i do for these scripts. Could you please
> give me some advice?
> --
> Thanks
> Harry Wei

Harry Wei