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Re: [ttylinux:185] Digest for [email protected] - 2 Messages in 2 Topics

Hi Douglas,

I am have been on the list for sometime. But have never posted anything. ttylinux is a awesome and I continue to use is everyday. I use it for intervlan routing and testing.

Here are a few features that I think would be useful:
  1. e1000 NIC kernel module support (i think its already there)
  2. LSI Logic SCSI Kernel module support (fusion drivers). Fusion Parallel SCSI should be good.
  3. Support for DHCP IP address support in "/etc/rc.d/rc.startup". So that at boot up ttylinux takes up DHCP address, if static address is not defined. At least until ttylinux 9.3, you had to manually start the udhcpclient to get DHCP IP.
  4. VLAN support within the Kernel and VLAN user mode utils.
  5. And if possible :-), dnsmasq & iproute2 utils

Just because, you asked I about it, I shamelessly posted all the features, I would like to see. :-)

Regards / Shekhar