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Re: [ttylinux:192] pc_x86_64 build under CentOS 6.2 bash issue

Robert Lanning wrote:
> When I build the iso (make dist), the bash that comes out of that does
> not seem to parse $() correctly.
> The ISO boots ok, but all bash scripts fail if they contain the $()
> notation.
> -bash-4.2# echo  $(ls)
> -bash: command substitution: line 3: syntax error near unexpected token `)'
> -bash: command substitution: line 3: `ls)'
> -bash-4.2# echo `ls`
> bin boot dev etc home lib lost+found mnt proc root sbin sys tmp usr var
> -bash-4.2# 
> Does anyone have any idea what would cause this?

I'm not seeing this problem in any of the
distributed ISO

I'm thinking it isn't a bash build problem, unless
you are missing a patch that would cause this. There
should be 20 patches in

You might check the shell run-time environment. I
see that you don't have the normal ttylinux shell
prompt; maybe there's some /etc/profile or ~/.bashrc
or something like that.

Or maybe a character issue wherein the ')' is not
the ')' you think it is. Are the files in /etc/i18n
something different from the normal ttylinux files?

I'm running out of odd things to think of...