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Re: Next Release

On Sunday, February 26, 2012 8:53:42 PM UTC+1, djerome wrote:
I am working on the next release. Really, I am. I have been for
several weeks. I have re-organized the build system mostly in terms of
giving the platform configuration, and updated several packages. I've
tried some newer GCC, GLIBC and Linux kernel, but found too many
issues and went back to my starting point: gcc-4.4.6, glibc-2.13,

Please respond to this post with something you would like to see. I've
lost track of several requests; I will try to track down everything I
can remember. But it would help if folks respond to this post and make
a thread of feature requests. Be specific to platform, pc-i486, pc-
i686, pc-x86_64, mac-g4, etc. and PLEASE be as specific as you can:
give me a kernel module name or very specific capability. I am happy
to add USB serial, ACPI things, etc. if I can fugure out what they
actually are in terms of kernel configuration.

Disclaimer: some requests may not be honoured.

I do expect a release within a few weeks.

What about using kmod with udev 181? The old version  161 is no longer available. And project repo at github for example would be also helpful to keep track on changes.