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Re: [ttylinux:192] pc_x86_64 build under CentOS 6.2 bash issue

On Wednesday, March 7, 2012 10:36:54 PM UTC-8, djerome wrote:
Robert Lanning wrote:
> When I build the iso (make dist), the bash that comes out of that does
> not seem to parse $() correctly.
> The ISO boots ok, but all bash scripts fail if they contain the $()
> notation.
> -bash-4.2# echo  $(ls)
> -bash: command substitution: line 3: syntax error near unexpected token `)'
> -bash: command substitution: line 3: `ls)'
> -bash-4.2# echo `ls`
> bin boot dev etc home lib lost+found mnt proc root sbin sys tmp usr var
> -bash-4.2#
> Does anyone have any idea what would cause this?

I'm not seeing this problem in any of the
distributed ISO

I'm thinking it isn't a bash build problem, unless
you are missing a patch that would cause this. There
should be 20 patches in

You might check the shell run-time environment. I
see that you don't have the normal ttylinux shell
prompt; maybe there's some /etc/profile or ~/.bashrc
or something like that.

Or maybe a character issue wherein the ')' is not
the ')' you think it is. Are the files in /etc/i18n
something different from the normal ttylinux files?

I'm running out of odd things to think of...

The distributed ISOs work just fine.

I have all 20 patches.

The bash prompt is the default because all the setup scripts are error'ing out.
The "command substitution" error as stated happens everywhere.
The rc scripts fail.  Network interfaces won't come up.

Because $() no longer works, most of the environment nulls out.

I can tar the build environment and put it up for you to download and see.

All I do is un-tar your build system, run the make in the xbuild, then run the make getcfg;make dload;make dist. (though I have to copy some source tar files from the source iso, since kernel.org is missing some older versions of software)

About an hour later, I have an iso that I boot in vmware and its bash has a problem with $().

The build vm is an up-to-date "CentOS release 6.2 (Final)".

The package list is:
# TTYLINUX_PACKAGE[i++]="ttylinux-devfs-1.0"
# TTYLINUX_PACKAGE[i++]="glibc-2.9"
# TTYLINUX_PACKAGE[i++]="uClibc-0.9.32"
# TTYLINUX_PACKAGE[i++]="yaboot-1.3.13"

And I set the filesystem to 256M.