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Re: git

On Mar 9, 10:15 pm, djerome <[email protected]> wrote:
> I think I cannot say I like git.
> But here is a start:https://github.com/djerome/ttylinux
> After I git it all uploaded I will tag it (I think "tag" is what it is
> called) with "10.0", as that is what I am uploading.

I have what I think is the best closest thing to the website-hosted
ttylinux build system in git:
tag is v10.0-ttylinux-13mar2012

I probably will take away the ttylinux build system from
the website, and use only this git repo for hosting the
ttylinux build system.

Within a week I will be pushing (is that the right term?) the ttylinux
build system changes for a building a BeagleBone ttylinux.

If anyone has any proposed changes, such as kernel configurations
or additional package builds in pkg-cfg, then just email them to me
as compressed files and/or patches.

Hakuna Matata