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Re: [ttylinux:226] Re: building ttylinux 10.0 with ubuntu 11.10

On 03/24/12 10:28, Martin wrote:
Hi Douglas,

thank you very much for your support, it's great!

At this point I did not make any changes, cause I assume that the release will build and if not something on my installation is wrong.
To come to this point I only have installed the following packages:

I'm  not clear. Does this package finally build, without changing the
build script?

I added a line in the configure command in pkg-bld/modutils-3.16/bld.sh,
trying to avoid the problem:

*./configure \

But, I am removing modutils in the next release; ttylinux will
use kmod.

Actual the problem is alsa-utils-1.0.25. I did, as you suggested a
clean, but now I'm at this point again.
The desired logfile I'll send to your e-mail account and next follow
your hint to disable the build.
I'll report the progress.
I think I see the problem; it seems that "new_panel" (a function?) is
from the ncurses panel library. I do not know why you have this problem
but I don't. I am rebuilding my pc_i686 ttylinux from scratch and I will investigate
this as much as I can.

Best Regards
Douglas Jerome