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Re: [ttylinux:226] Re: building ttylinux 10.0 with ubuntu 11.10

On 03/24/12 15:46, Douglas Jerome wrote:
On 03/24/12 10:28, Martin wrote:
Actual the problem is alsa-utils-1.0.25. I did, as you suggested a
clean, but now I'm at this point again.
The desired logfile I'll send to your e-mail account and next follow
your hint to disable the build.
I think I see the problem; it seems that "new_panel" (a function?) is
from the ncurses panel library. I do not know why you have this problem
but I don't. I am rebuilding my pc_i686 ttylinux from scratch and I will
this as much as I can.

Short answer:

After you see the alsa-utils error give these commands:

     $ sudo ln -s libncurses.so.5 sysroot/usr/lib/libtinfo.so.5
     $ sudo ln -s libtinfo.so.5   sysroot/usr/lib/libtinfo.so

Then continue building the packages:

     $ make pkgs_

Then finish the distribution build:

     $ make fsys distdir distimg

Long answer:

I now have the same problem. I also have new problems building
the cross-tool chain for pc_i486. And, when there is a build
error I no longer see my error messages. I haven't made changes
to these build scripts, and it's all using the same packages
source code. wtf!?

I blame Fedora 16 auto-updates giving me newer, better software
dev tool versions. I cannot quite account for this alsa problem
with newer dev tools. Maybe some bad memory (organic, not silicon)
is happening.

Hence forth, I will be keeping the build logs of the binary
releases, maybe bzip them and put them in the ISO.

Douglas Jerome