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Project Updates

Thanks to those that gave some ideas and their "wants" for the
next ttylinux releases. Some are not within the ttylinux realm,
but some I will like to at least support in some way.

For all 5 and 1/3 folks that use the ttylinux build system, there
are new changes at https://github.com/djerome/ttylinux that you
should get, with git or download a .zip or .tar.gz; it makes a
ttylinux that boots and mostly runs OK.  I wanted to make a release
at this point but there are udev problems to fix.

Everyone in the world: please git the latest ttylinux build system,
build ttylinux systems with it, fix the problems you find, and post
fixes to this mail list. Or, wait for me as I fumble my way through
the udev issues and fix them, which might take a few weeks as I am
pushed into the "small equipment office" as the floors in my home
are being replaced.

ttylinux development lab, small equipment office:
a very distracting working environment

Douglas Jerome