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Re: [ttylinux:241] ttylinux and nodejs

On 04/10/12 10:21, Martell wrote:
Hi Guys,

I want create a build of ttylinux with absolute minimal packages for
I want to put it on an Amazon EC2 cloud.
I have looked at the tutorial over at ioncannon to get it on the
cloud. (ie. disabling things for XEN)

I want the absolute minimul as in do drivers except for networking and
of course dropbear for remote ssh.
I don't even want the local display devices to have a terminal. (Just
like a linux router would have)

Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to start on
such a project.
Is it possible to update the kernel version to the latest stable build
Yes, there is an explicit mechanism for building a ttylinux
platform distribution with an alternative kernel.

I know I have a lot of questions here, a good sense of where to start
would help greatly.
You need to download the ttylinux build system and read the
(small) Howto files, and probably read the build scripts
build system link: https://github.com/djerome/ttylinux/tarball/master

Kindest Regards
Martell Malone
Douglas Jerome