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Re: [ttylinux:245] Re: C++

On 04/10/12 19:46, ggbutcher wrote:
I just used the build system and the version of gcc that Douglas
integrated there. I'll let him work the version integration, then I'll
make a c++ gcc package to fit. For my earlier ttylinux 12.x effort, I
tried building gcc from scratch and couldn't quite make it work.

I cloned a local copy of Douglas' git repository to make the changes,
and later forked it, but I haven't pushed the changes to my fork. This
git thing is still a little strange to me, but I'll find a decent way to
post my changes to make gcc w/c++.

That's cool; with such a small user base it is cool to
see some sort of ttylinux community, even if it is only
like 3 1/2 folks.

Douglas Jerome