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First, I owe Douglas an apology for asking him to  pull a change he'd 
already made.  Bad form, on my part...

My immediate goal is to make a variant of the ttylinux build system that 
pukes out a g++ environment, for various c++ things I'm doing at work.  I 
started this whole business by cloning djerome/ttylinux on my local box.  
Got that working, including finding a bug in the gcc bld.sh script, which I 
sent to Douglas as a diff patch.  But that arrangement wasn't going to 
easily support making that build system variant available to folk, so I 
forked djerome/ttylinux to butchergg/ttylinux on github, and cloned that to 
my local machine.

Re-syncing my fork turned out to be not so intuitive, and there are a 
number of different approaches out there in the blog/forum space.  What I 
settled upon, after I set up djerome/ttylinux as an upstream remote (*git 
remote add upstream https://github.com/djerome/ttylinux*), is to 
periodically execute these commands on my local machine on the master 

**git pull upstream master*

*git push*