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Re: [ttylinux:259] Uncompression Error: System Halted

On 05/18/12 11:40, gkogut wrote:

I've recently upgraded from the "mp8" version to a recent build
package "djerome-ttylinux-9db9595".

All attempts at booting result in an error while trying to decompress
the kernel "Uncompression error: System Halted."

I've tried both 486 and 686 versions.   My prior working "mp8" version
used a pretty vanilla 686 version - no special kernel config or lilo
parameters.   I'm using the flash script to install to CompactFlash
with an ext2 filesystem type.

I'd roughly speculate that the ramdisk isn't being properly set up,
but I have no indication of why not.  I have 2GB of RAM, etc.

Any ideas, here?
I think this happened to me when I forgot to have the kernel
configuration include:

 General setup  --->
      Kernel compression mode (Gzip)

Douglas Jerome