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Re: [ttylinux:270] no pacman in ttylinux

On 07/23/12 19:43, Ray Wang wrote:
2012/7/24 oblivio <[email protected]
<mailto:[email protected]>>

    I'm new to Linux in general and Ttylinux completely. I read on
    internet that pacman is the package-manager for Ttylinux, but its
    not available in my terminal. It simply says pacman: not found.
    Can someone tell me how to install it?

    Thanks alot!!!
Pacman is adopted in archlinux as the package-manager . Maybe your
system just simply didn't install the pacman. You can download the
sources code (usually a tar.gz file) and build it.
ttylinux pacman is a shell script I re-wrote for ttylinux from
an earlier version of ttylinux; I didn't know about other pacmans
at that time. It very probably is different from Arch Linux pacman.

Douglas Jerome