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Re: [ttylinux:270] no pacman in ttylinux

Here's my stab at answering this question, can someone more familiar with the facts (Douglas?) chime in and correct me?

Steve, the ttylinux distribution has adopted the 'pacman' set of tools from the arch linux distribution for package management. If you boot up a ttylinux system and type 'pacman --help' at the command prompt after you log in, you'll get some information about how to use it. If you get an error when you type this command, it means your default installation has not included pacman, and might be messed up. You'll need to post more information to this list for help with that.

If the command works, you can start by listing all the packages installed by default on your system:
# pacman -qa

Now you're ready to start installing new packages... From this discussion it appears there is a repository at ttylinux.net, so let's check it out...
# pacman --repo=ttylinux.net -qr

The output of this command reveals that there is a total of three packages available: a calculator, programs for working with Windows file systems, and the tiny http web server. To install (for example) the calculator, type:
# pacman --repo=ttylinux.net -i calc-

Here's the output I'm getting:
i> Installing packages(s) from ttylinux.net repository.
Checking repository http://ttylinux.net/...
=> re-cached ttylinux.net
found v10.0     calc-
=> Version V14.1 of calc- is not in the repository, skipping.
=> Try using "--vers=<vers>"

Whoops, it seems that our pacman was looking for version 14.1 of this package, but it is not in the repository. Override this with:
# pacman --repo=ttylinux.net -i calc- --vers=10.0

If you are using the i486 version of ttylinux, it should download and install ok.

This is just a flavour to get you started. I think most people on this mailing list make their own packages and install them directly from the package files (making your own package is not really for beginners, but it's not too hard if you start with something simple). If you're after something in particular, ask this list--maybe someone has already made a package for it and can send that to you for installation on your system.

Hope this helps.