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Re: [ttylinux:276] Re: New Releases

On 08/02/12 04:19, cave wrote:

how are your plans regarding the R_pi and ttyLinux ?

At the end of july the delivery time between purchase and Goods Receipt
from Farnell UK to mainland europe was about 8 days. As a private vendor.

kind regards
I originally was interested in getting ttylinux onto the
Raspberry Pi, but the BCM2835 SoC is designed for video
and graphic processing and getting to the expansion header
is bothersome.

I got a BeagleBone http://beagleboard.org/bone/ and made
a ttylinux variant for that. The BeagleBone cost more than
the Raspberry Pi, but getting to the expansion headers is
easier; it is more suitable for ttylinux.

I've been too busy this summer with family stuffs and home
repair and renovations, and I haven't spent much time
on ttylinux. When I get back to it in a few weeks I can
give a go at a ttylinux for Raspberry Pi if someone has
one and wants to go through a few cycles of

Douglas Jerome