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Re: New Releases

I would be a

Please inform me in Autumn about your updated R_Pi plans for ttyLinux.

there will be a small spare SDcard laying around for "download-run-tell_me_what_happened"   :) 

The BeagleBone is also nice and more powerfull, than Raspberry Pi.
I have also thought on buying one.


Am Montag, 23. Januar 2012 06:29:41 UTC+1 schrieb djerome:
After too many months, there are new releases for all the ttylinux
variants. The ws-ttylinux variants were recently released last month;
this release is for all the other variants. See http://ttylinux.net/news.html

I plan to not make more revisions of the ARM and MIPS variants,
probably, and maybe remove the ARM Integrator and MIPS Malta platforms
as I don't have that hardware.

If all goes well I will have a Raspberry Pi variant some days or weeks
after I can get the hardware, unless I decide to get a BeagleBone.