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Re: [ttylinux:287] Problem with dual networks in Virtualbox

On 09/25/12 12:30, Rolf Strand wrote:
I am trying to setup ttylinux in virtual box with two network cards.
I have ttylinux installed on a virtual hard disk.

My WinXP PC has two network cards.  One is connected to a network with
DHCP and the other to a local network with static IP:
In the virtualbox I have the:
     network card with DHCP set to NAT
     network card with static IP set to bridged

This setup is working well with Ubuntu, I am trying to get it working
with smaller system image.

In ttylinux:

If I bring up just eth0 in DHCP mode DNS resolution works and I can send
and receive to the the internet.
If I bring up just eth1 with static IP, I can send and
receive on the local network.
If I bring up both eth0 and eth1 the traffic on eth0 stops.

Any idea what I need to do to get both working?
Nope, sorry.

It would be nice to here from anyone that has used two NICs
with ttylinux; I have done it before and not had a problem.

I'm thinking you are having a problem with VirtualBox, not
so much with ttylinux.

Douglas Jerome