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git updates -- new experimental branch

I've started a new branch x_2012a on github https://github.com/djerome/ttylinux

This is an experimental branch that I am using to find a gcc and glibc
update to xbuildtool. Hopefully this will be gcc-4.7.2 and glibc-2.16.
After xbuildtool is updated, I'll update the ttylinux gcc and glibc,
make sure they build and run, and then merge it into the master
branch. Anyone who likes building a cross-gcc from scratch (it's like
pounding nails in your head for fun) should follow this branch; I am
sure to be stuck a few times.

As much as possible, updates to the other ttylinux packages, new
platforms, and other fixes and improvements will wait until after the
xbuildtool update.