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Re: [ttylinux:312] Unable to built xtools for i686 / 14.1

On 02/16/13 14:04, [email protected] wrote:
Thank you,

v14.1-ttylinux-08nov2012.tar.gz <https://github.com/djerome/ttylinux/archive/v14.1-ttylinux-08nov2012.tar.gz> work fine, I used archive "djerome-ttylinux-v14.1-ttylinux-08nov2012-9-gb378c94.tar.gz" and it did not work.
 I have one technical question or problem else. I am using ramdisk in
cpio format, not ext2. Daemon /sbin/udevd in v12.1 automatically mount
devtmpfs to /dev directory. But now /lib/udev/udevd does not mount
devtmpfs automatically in v14.1 and I had to add mount devtmpfs to
rc.sysinit scrip after proc and sysfs mounts.
 Is the behaviour of new udevd correct? Why do not mount newer
version of udevd the devtmpfs when it started from cpio ramdisk?
  Thanks for your experiences.

I am not sure what you mean by "using ramdisk in cpio format";
maybe that is the file system in which you un-tar and run the
ttylinux build system. If so, I do not have a clear idea what that
would do, but I think it wouldn't be good.

The thing with ttylinux, at run-time, of not mounting a tmpfs
at /dev: the i686 kernel configuration for ttylinux 14.1 specifies
the kernel to automatically do this, so it is not needed by any
start-up script or udev rule. The kernel also will automatically
make several device nodes.

Douglas Jerome