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Re: [ttylinux:312] Unable to built xtools for i686 / 14.1


  I am using for my ttylinux boot-from-network and I created root file system in cpio format, It is similar to tar, but cpio is used for initramdisk in most linux distributions -

  When I have root file system in ext2 format and I add "init=/bin/bash" to kernel command line, system started directly in shell. No startup scripts executed. Now I can "mount -t proc proc /proc" and in /proc/mount is visible, that not only proc is mounted. Devtmpfs and ext2 are already mounted too.

  But ttylinux started from the cpio initrd do not have pre-mounted devtmpfs. Devtmpfs was in 12.1 mounted by process udevd. Now  in 14.1 udevd do not mount it. I do not know, why udevd change its behaviour. I solved this problem in rc.sysinit. I added mount of devtmpfs after proc mount.


I am not sure what you mean by "using ramdisk in cpio format";
maybe that is the file system in which you un-tar and run the
ttylinux build system. If so, I do not have a clear idea what that
would do, but I think it wouldn't be good.

The thing with ttylinux, at run-time, of not mounting a tmpfs
at /dev: the i686 kernel configuration for ttylinux 14.1 specifies
the kernel to automatically do this, so it is not needed by any
start-up script or udev rule. The kernel also will automatically
make several device nodes.

Douglas Jerome