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Re: [ttylinux:333] git branch 16.0

Hi, I've been lurking a bit.  I just saw the update notice and have a couple questions regarding the kernel version.

I am interested in using ttylinux on an eBox 3350MX.  This has a DMP Vortext86MX core (roughly Intel i486/Pentium compatible).  I have been using a slimmed down version of Ubuntu for a couple years, but the last version that will run on this machine is 10.04.  Newer versions use PentiumPro (CMOV) instructions and do not work.  So I am looking around for other options and ttylinux seems nice and slim.  One of the things I do not like about ext3 is how fragile the filesystem is on SD cards.  We've had a couple corrupted filesystems (ext3 with data="" out of a few hundred installations.  I want to use either f2fs or nilfs2.  The former is showing new performance in tests but it is only included in kernel 3.8+  Nilfs2 is usable with earlier kernels but I really want to do some testing with both.

Is there anything special I would have to do to use that kernel?

Anyone used the eBox?  If so, what kernel set up do you use.  DMP only released kernels up through about 2.6.34.  After that, nothing.  Most of their patches (all?) are in the mainline but there were enough changes that have had trouble getting a much later kernel to work with the right disk drivers.


On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 10:03 PM, djerome <[email protected]> wrote:
This next revision is close to being complete (I hope, I hope). It has
been much too long in coming. I wont list the crazy things that have
come to me in the last 12 months, just know it hasn't been a lack of
my interest.

The github ttylinux 16.0 branch, https://github.com/djerome/ttylinux/tree/16.0,
should build the new ttylinux 16.0 for all platforms: BeagleBone, Mac
G4, PC i486 i686 x86_64, and WRTU54G-TM. I'll be rebuilding and
testing for each platform, updating the changelogs and whatever else,
for the next week or two. Then I will merge this into the main branch
and update the web pages that have the actual binary and source

Then I will make the virtual platforms for i686 and x86_64. Is the
3.7.1 kernel OK for you folks that would use the virtual platforms?
Let me know if there is a better kernel version for this.

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