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Re: [ttylinux:336] git branch 16.0

On 03/26/13 15:42, Kyle Hayes wrote:
As far as I can tell, the drivers are all there.  The network is r6040
(I think it shows up as RDC 6040).  That driver is in the kernel, but
usually not built by default.
This is good. I will enable these in the i486 ttylinux.

The disk drivers are a problem.  They had patches that applied cleanly
to older kernels but the latest SoC uses different PCI numbers.   There
is a patch floating around for that.  It just adds one new row to a list
of PCI IDs for the driver.  (see
  I have managed to build kernels that will work for Ubuntu.
I will look into this.

    Does your system boot from USB flash drive or CD-ROM? You might just
    try the latest i486 ttylinux binary, just to see if it runs.

I will try when I get a chance.  It might be a couple of weeks.  I am a
mentor to a high school robotics team and it is the competition season now!
This is relevant to my interests. I will private email you. I know
what it means t be busy; if you don't respond soon, or much, I won't
be offended.

    If you can boot i486 ttylinux, I'd be happy to help you understand the
    ttylinux build system and help you move to a newer kernel.


For what I do, I will need to package up OpenVPN and SAMBA.  I think I
saw OpenVPN mentioned in the ttylinux lists somewhere.  It did not look
like it was that hard to build a package for ttylinux.
I've not heard of anyone running either (maybe samba...), but in
principle it shouldn't be a big problem.


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Douglas Jerome