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Re: [ttylinux:345] enable webcam (v4l) support

On 04/01/13 18:00, Brian Nani wrote:
Hi all, I am wondering if anyone can give me a pointer on enabling usb
webcam support on the ttylinux kernel?

I am guessing that I need to compile kmod-video4linux and place the .ko
files into /lib/modules/
then use modprobe to install the corresponding driver for my brand of
the webcam?
Hmm, well, at least that, I think. But what sort of window could
be used? I am used to thinking that an X11 server needs be running
for this sort of thing, unless you want to save the image data
to files.

The easiest way, in the long run, to make kernel additions is to
get the ttylinux build system and first reproduce the stock
ttylinux distribution. Then you can "make kcfg", interactively
add your kernel configuration, and copy the new kernel config file
to the right place and rebuild the distro and have the new kernel

Douglas Jerome