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Re: [ttylinux:308] Re: New Releases

There are ome new releases, for the less popular ttylinux platforms:
=> news -- http://ttylinux.net/news.html
=> beagle bone -- http://ttylinux.net/dloadBBN.html
=> wrtu54g-tm -- http://ttylinux.net/dloadWRT.html
=> pc_i486 -- http://ttylinux.net/dloadPC-i486.html

With a little luck:
I'll have the ttylinux mac_g4 platform done tonight.
The pc_i686 and pc_x86_64 (now with haserl) should get done by end of week end.
I'll have two new platforms ready by end of next week: virtio_i686 and virtio_x86_64

PS I dislike this new Google Group interface.