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Re: [ttylinux:347] Re: New Releases

See the news: http://ttylinux.net/news.html

Now, there are (new) version 16.0 releases for these ttylinux platforms:
=> PC i486 -- http://ttylinux.net/dloadPC-i486.html
=> PC i686 -- http://ttylinux.net/dloadPC-i686.html
=> Macintosh G4 -- http://ttylinux.net/dloadMac.html
=> Beagle Bone -- http://ttylinux.net/dloadBBN.html
=> WRTU54G-TM -- http://ttylinux.net/dloadWRT.html

The branch 16.0 github repository is basically up-to-date:

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