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Re: [ttylinux:351] simple wifi for ttylinux?

On 04/07/13 04:39, [email protected] wrote:
I am amazed at the ethernet capabilities of ttylinux.  The problem is
that I only have wifi access.  I want to
work on getting a wifi access.  How do I even begin??????  Could someone
point me in the right direction?
My skills are someone limited and am at the novice level.  Please help
Actually, I've never used wifi with tyylinux, so I might be
missing something, but read the following.

We start by you telling:
=> which ttylinux? pc i486, pc i686, pc x86_64, or maybe mac g4?
=> what hardware are you using? what wifi device?

The next step is to see what driver is in the kernel, maybe
something needs to be added. If it isn't too odd I may make
it part of the standard ttylinux distribution; I can otherwise
make it available for download, or maybe just explain how
you can rebuild the kernel.

And then, there may be some needed firmware binary blob; I can
help find it if I know what hardware you are using.

And also there probably are some user-space tools needed, and
again, I can either explain how to or make available for you.