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Re: simple wifi for ttylinux?

Dear djerome:
I was looking at some of the posting on this site and it seemed to be dead.  I am so happy to have a reply from you and will very much like any
help and direction that you can provide.
I am running on a Dell 9 minibook.  This has 1 gig of ram and a solid state hard drive.  This was one of my miminalist purchase for a few dollars.  The
battery has been removed and the hard drive.  This is just an experimental unit for me, just real pure.  I have loaded the iso for ttylinux i686 on a usb drive (128 mb) using the windows program (oh, hell!) Rufus.
I do not have access to a wired internet except at a friend's house.  It works well with the etho0 using the installed text based browser.  The problem is that I just have wifi most of the time so I am very interested in getting it all working on ttylinux.  My major interest is to work at a real command line system and not a console or terminal window.  This is the appeal of ttylinux.  I have also been trying to get the wifi working on the gui level with tiny core linux which I have also installed on a usb (256mb).  So I know this device has a horrible Broadcom chip.  I have been trying to use the windows driver on ndiswrapper.  Still working on this.  The mainstay OS for this device is a usb (4gb) loaded with the current version of Bodhi Linux which does natively bring up the wlan0 which I use to research topics to apply to the other OSes.
I am just getting to know how things work a little.  I have used the development tools to compile and install my favorite editor, nano and it seems to be working fine.  I also installed a precompiled version of xlisp-plus and simply placed the in /usr/bin as well as the nano file and both are working well.
Look I am just beginning to use linux so I do need some mentoring.  I am really in to learn as much as I can.  I can send you the results of lspci which will indicate the precise hardware I am working with.  Thanks again for your reply: Joe

On Sunday, April 7, 2013 7:39:50 AM UTC-4, [email protected] wrote:
I am amazed at the ethernet capabilities of ttylinux.  The problem is that I only have wifi access.  I want to
work on getting a wifi access.  How do I even begin??????  Could someone point me in the right direction?
My skills are someone limited and am at the novice level.  Please help