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Re: [ttylinux:356] New Virtio ttylinux Platforms

On 04/20/13 16:53, Kyle Hayes wrote:
In order to allow the shared file systems to be mounted in VBox, I think
that CIFS/SMB is used.  I am not sure of that though.  This is to
support the built-in VBox shared directory system.  I use VBox non-free
and so install the extension pack so I am not entirely sure what is
actually used under the hood. Since it works on Windows hosts, I suspect
it is not NFS.

CD-ROMs are how you get the extension pack to install in the guest OS.
  If you want to install ttylinux into a VM without an existing virtual
disk image, you'd probably want to start with an ISO, so you'd need
those drivers.  I may be confused.

I just pushed a first test virtio_i686 platform building capability
in git:

Maybe I need to be more clear. I already do use VirtualBox.

Sometimes I use the free VB on Windows to run Fedora, and I use its
shared directory that is implemented by a kernel driver in their Guest

Sometimes I use free VB to test a ttylinux build.

I don't know what most folks do with their VM and so I don't know
what a useful kernel config would be, other than virtio.

Network File Systems? TUN/TAP devices? Etc. Let me know.