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Re: [ttylinux:362] i486 build with gcc

On 05/05/13 12:44, AndrewHolt wrote:

I started with the latest download & updated from git.

I'll do the build again, and send you the log.  It was failing to build
  gcc.  I have been adding things and fiddling around.  I suspect that
it's something to do with the absence of a dev pacakge for glibc-2.9.

# TTYLINUX_PACKAGE[i++]="glibc-2.16.0"
# TTYLINUX_PACKAGE[i++]="glibc-devel-2.16.0"

Yes, that is part of it.  If you and added binutils to
the config you saw something like:

binutils-2.23 ......... g.b.f.m__19.XXc ... DONE [ 2 minutes 23 seconds]

Notice the XX in that. There needs to be a "files-pc_i486" file in
pkg-cfg/binutils-2.23/ and pkg-cfg/gcc-4.6.3/

Are you really interested in i486? I'll try to get it going in the
next couple hours and post it to github (with the rest of the virtio

This will be some other config file in config/platform-pc_i486/, maybe
something like pc_i486_gccconfig.